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No more distractions, its time to be Shelfish

Transform ideas into high-quality Merch

Shelf Merch is a next generation turn-key merch platform for creators and influencers. We deliver a complete merchandising solution with no risk, no inventory, and no upfront costs.

Are you a YouTuber, influencer, musician, or creator looking to expand your business? Or perhaps an aspiring entrepreneur with a burning passion to launch custom merchandise? Then you've come to the right place: We have all the tools and tips to get you started! In the era of custom merch and print on demand, this couldn't be a better time to offer custom products online. Shelf Merch can help you monetize your audience and truly elevate your brand!

We are a group of shelfish individuals committed to transform ideas into high-quality merchandise on-demand.

No more distractions, its time to be shelfish. Our culture is built around the philosophy of putting creators first, seeing them succeed and strive to help them further engage the relationship with their fans

What Shelf Merch Creators Say

This platform made it so easy to start my own store. The technology is great and the print-on-demand service is a game changer!"


Starting my own store with this platform was a great decision. The technology is user-friendly and the print-on-demand is seamless.

- The Ant Shop

As a YouTuber, I was thrilled to find this platform. Now I can offer my fans merchandise without the hassle of inventory or shipping!

- Filmymoji

Build your brand, Fans, and Income.