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Shelf Merch is a most powerful online self-merch shopping solution for your brand. See your ideas take flight through your own free online commerce shop. Print your message, design, character, customize as you like and share it with the world.

Why Shelf Merch

Your all-in-one solution

100% Free.

Shelf Merch is free and all-inclusive: our service includes your online commerce shop with your own URL, merchandise production, shipping and customer support.

Storage &

From procuring quality merchandise, storage, payment processing and production to shipping - we take care of the orders from your online shop every step of the way.

On Demand

Your merchandise is printed on-demand as soon as orders are received. There are no minimum or maximum orders.

Drop ship merchandise for your business

Create personalized merch, branded apparel, promo gifts, campaign items, and more...


Sell custom merchandise with your designs, artwork, and other creative assets

Youtuber I Tik Tokers I Spotify I Influencers I Music bands I Geeks I Meme I Video gamer


Design high-quality merchandise products that represent your institution, business, or sports team

School apparel I Podcast merch I Corporate shirts I Customer T-shirts I Branded Merch


Create one-of-a-kind merchandise clothes and accessories for festivals, special occasions, and causes

Cause marketing, I Political Tees I Religious I Eco-Friendly I CSR

How it works

Create merch for your brand, your way

Choose and customize your products i.e., T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Masks. we will make your channel storefront ready for selling on your brand

Add your store link into your brand or get your own custom URL and promote however and wherever you want to. Your store will be live, and items will be in-stock 24x7

Your amount will be credited to your bank. We'll handle everything for you, from order production to shipping, exchanges and customer support too!

Creators selling on Shelfmerch

No matter how many subscribers you have

It doesn't matter if you have 100 or a million subscribers, all creators are eligible to create and sell custom merch on Shelfmerch. Our team will work with you to make sure your designs are exactly as you're envisioning them before you launch your store. There are no hidden fees or inventory costs, and we print and ship all of your products directly to your buyers.

Open your store

Launch a free store

Sell products in your own store. Connect a custom domain or sub-domain and have it ready to promote in minutes. Our team of product and design experts help you build products from the ground up.

Get your store

Frequently asked questions

Your brand is how people see you and how you're spotted. If your logo/style isn't instantly recognizable, merchandise is a great way to solidify your brand. It takes 5-7 impressions before someone will remember your branding and logo, so if you're not sure about your brand, trying out designs on merch is a great start! Make sure to incorporate your channel branding, logo, color scheme, and general personality into your merch and storefront! Consistency makes your brand recognizable across all platforms.

Shelf Merch lets creators set up everything they need for their off-platform presence. You can launch a beautiful homepage and link to all of your content, open a shop and sell products. You can set it all up on your own fully branded website that's 100% owned by you, from the domain name to the data.

Shelf Merch has no monthly fees and no upfront costs. We only make money when you do.

Product prices are listed directly in our product catalog. For example, if a t-shirt is listed at Rs 500, then that's what it costs you. You can then sell it for whatever price that you wish. For example, if you set it to Rs 600, you'll make Rs 100 on each unit sold. This gives you the flexibility to set pricing that is most appropriate for you and your community. Please note that all transactions include a payment process fee.

No. You can create products that are either printed-on-demand or as part of a pre-order campaign (i.e. drop), so there's no inventory risk. We also allow you to pre-purchase and manage inventory, but we generally encourage creators to use one of these no-risk models until they've established a clear sales history.

Nope. You're free to use Shelf Merch or leave at any time. You can learn more about our policies in our Terms of Service.

Each product sold goes through a series of quality assurance checks to ensure the best experience for creators and their audience.